The Low Carb Treehouse

Want to come over for dinner?

About October 24, 2009

The proprietor of the Low Carb Treehouse is me–a 40-something California chick attempting to transition from “obese” to merely “overweight”.   You can call me Kimberly if you really want to put a name to a face, but I don’t look like a Kimberly yet.  Currently I’m more of a “Mabel” or “Bertha” but lord willin’ I’ll fit my name one of these days.  Eating low-carb helps me lose weight and keep my food addictions under control—it’s basically the only way of eating that works for me in a positive and healthy way. Even though low-carbers are regarded as the flat-earthers of the diet world, I’m here to tell you that it works.  Hope you have a few laughs, find a few great recipes and share a few rants in the Treehouse with me.


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